Here you will find Thule product manuals which include listings of the parts included in a particular product. Part numbers from the manuals may be copied and pasted and plugged into the search bar in the upper right hand corner BUT, you must remove all dashes. Numbers only. If there is a particular part that is not found on our site please feel free to email us at


Thule Foot Packs


Thule Bicycle Carriers


Fork Mounted Carriers

Upright Mounted Carriers

Roof Top Bike Carrier Accessories

Platform Hitch Racks

Hanging Hitch Racks

Trunk Mounted and Spare Tire Racks

Pick-up Truck Racks


Thule Watersport Carriers


Lift-Assist Kayak Carrier

Load-Assist Kayak Carriers

Horizontal Kayak & Canoe Carriers

Vertical Kayak Carriers

Kayak/Canoe Carrier Accessories

  • Thule 855XT  Quick Draw
  • Thule 854 Water Slide
  • Thule 523 Load Straps (2 pk, 15-foot) 
  • Thule 530 Quick Loop Strap
  • Thule 529 Hood Loop Strap
  • Thule 831 13-foot Locking Strap 
  • Thule 832 10-foot Locking Strap

Surf Carriers


Thule Snowsport Carriers


Thule Cargo Carriers




Thule Hitch Cargo Carrier